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Battery-powered models offer both portability and mobility, but work stops when the battery runs down. So, you need a 10″ bar to cut a branch with a diameter of 8 inches. You could always get one as a separate order, but having one in the same box as your saw could be a time saver. This is because you’re going to have to keep the rope to hit the trees and branches. Most of what you need to know in order to choose well is simple. Take a look at our Best Buy chainsaws to find the right one for you. Petrol Pole Pruners Setting New Heights . If you’ve ever used a conventional chainsaw you’ll feel right at home handling a pole saw. Greenworks PRO 10’ PS80L210 Cordless Pole Saw. It's definitely got the reach and no doubt high quality. Never use a pole saw to cut a branch with a diameter of 8 inches or more. If you are a homeowner with a small wooded lot, a battery-powered or corded-electric pole saw might be ideal for you. A pole saw is a simple but clever invention that combines a chainsaw with a pole to make tree trimming faster, easier, and safer. This will also let you make faster cutting strokes. The Maxtra is an outstanding hedge clipper. Most models have a screw that must be loosened when it’s initially prepared. You might be thinking that using an electric saw can be a hazard. It comes with an 8 ft. extension pole that requires no tool for assembling or disassembling and a rotatable working handle for enhanced maneuverability. Powered pole saws can be corded-electric, battery, and gas-powered. The last cut, known as a back cut, should be made on the side of the trunk opposite the face cut and at a height just about 1 inch above. However, they can be cumbersome for the beginner and noisier compared to other powered pole saw types. However, a pole saw is a miniature chainsaw on a pole, so it is important to take necessary precautions before, during and after using the tool. If you have longer trees and roots, you ought to purchase a long-range pole saw. For instance, the Husqvarna 327PT5S  has one of the longest ranges – over 13 ft.Â. In this article we review many of the best pole saws … At 9.6 pounds, this lightweight tool is easy to control and even easier to maneuver. Below, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of pole saws. Better still, go for a battery-powered device that is capable of conserving power used by electric or gas instruments. The saw is capable of cutting up to 6-inch diameter limbs, making it perfect as a power pruning tool for cutting low hanging tree branches at a fraction of the cost. Its head has a bypass lopper and a 350 mm saw blade. WORX WG309 10 Inch Electric Pole Saw. Your email address will not be published. $219) combines a hedge trimmer, pole saw, chainsaw, brush cutter, and grass trimmer. When done, just take it apart or retract the poles. These issues may not result in unsatisfactory with ever owner of the Maxtra Pole Saw, so don’t let that keep you from trying it out for yourself if interested. SureFire Fuel Delivery System. Greenworks 20″ 40V cordless pole hedge trimmer is a dynamic trimming and pruning tool with improved mobility. Don’t buy a pole saw for the fun of it. This pole chainsaw refers to the battery-driven models, so you need … For this reason, your best bet will always be to pick a pole saw that is equivalent to your maximum weight bearing capability. You can reach any tree branch within the working height of the saw with less stress. After that, you should be good to go. Start cutting with a low speed before touching the branch and then increase throttle when you have formed a groove. GreenWorks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-Inch Electric Pole Saw w/Case. Using a 2-stroke rather than 4-stroke ensures a much higher max RPM. Start your cut from the top side, except where impossible. The higher the wattage, the stronger your chain will spin. Starting off with a jump cut will reduce the total amount of the weight of the branch you are trying to cut. 4. Now readjust your position and the pole saw back to your original safety position. Gas-powered models tend to be heavier because of their bigger engines and gas tank. Also, ensure you have a firm, two-handed grip on the pole while working. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. It features an adjustable extension which can increase the reach to 12 feet. A pole saw is simply a saw mounted on the end of a pole for trimming trees without a ladder or climbing. Try to make as many deep cuts as you can. Looking at the brand-new electric and gas pole saws side by side, you should usually expect to pay a bit extra for the electrically driven device. Therefore it was no surprise to see The Black + Decker 20 Volt Max Pole Saw Kit – reach the top of our best pole saw reviews. An automatic bar and chain oiler provides consistent lubrication for a smooth and efficient operation. The tool weighs 13.9 pounds and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Ensure you make the final cut outside the edge of the branch collar. They are the noisiest tools at the same moment. But it is tough enough to make it through work environments without breaking too fast. WG323. The MTX-SERIES 62CC Pole Saw is the ultimate gardening machine.Utilising premium anodized commercial alloy, your MTM features commercial grade quick connect couplings equipped with dual … Blue max pole saw. This is all the more allegedly true when it comes to cutting down a tree with a pole saw. This isn’t always the case with comparable pole saws, so it’s a great addition. Here are some brief tips to aid your final choice of the product featured. These machines come with heavy engines, large and stronger bars, and chains and can run for as long as fuel is available. That’s why I created this site. It can happen, although there’s no much you may be able to do to prevent it in some instances. There’s also an instruction manual featured with the product, very detailed and filled with useful info to get you started. Remington pole saw. Electric pole saws can be cordless or corded, and although they may be less powerful than petrol models, they are easier to use and lower maintenance. A lot of manufacturers provide with a vast number of pole saws. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or work, cutting with it is a breeze. This should finish the job. The multifunctional Greenyard 5-In-1 (appx. 65cc Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Tree Hedge Pruner Petrol Brush Long Reach Giantz. 2. While the saw on a pole looks and works effectively, you will have wasted money if you bought a model with the wrong power rating or weight. Lidl Florabest Petrol Chainsaw. Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw. Stihl. 6. On average, gas pole saws can reach up to 20 feet above the head with extensions.Â. Adam Harris ; Last updated: November 11, 2020 ; There are two ways to cut the tall branches on the trees around your home. The tool comes with a pole which can be assembled to get 7 ft. allowing you to reach up to 12 feet above the ground. Removed the Worx Electric 10-Inch in favor of the Notch 40209 to include a manually operated pole saw. Editor's Notes. This is a technique that is used before the final cut is made. You can choose from a wide range of pole saws on the market. Also, take necessary precautions when trimming dead or rotten branches as these can fall without warning and increase the risk of kickbacks and pull-ins. Before and after each use of gas pole saws you may follow such steps for proper maintenance:Â. Lidl Florabest Petrol Chainsaw. Looking at the brand-new electric and gas pole saws side by side, you should usually expect to pay a bit extra for the electrically driven device. But what if you combine the power of a gas chainsaw with an extender that would make ladders redundant? You can use the comparison list and Buyer’s Guide for time-saving tips and stats to help you pick the one that interests you. As long as you observe the proper safety procedures, you can use your pole saw safely during any time of the season. This will keep you from inhaling sawdust and other particles and debris that the pole saw will throw off. You may have to wait a moment when turning it on, to get the chain spinning at its highest rotation. A tool-less mechanism allows you to convert the pole saw into a chainsaw with less fuss. A simple guide to follow to keep the new gas pole saw clean and safe: Keep the device in a safe, well-ventilated place (think of a shed or garage) where pets and kids can’t reach it. It’s a beast. Don’t forget to maintain a proper hold on your saw. 4. One charge provides up to 30 minutes runtime along with a smooth and less noisy operation. Husqvarna's new battery-powered chainsaws, T540i XP® and 540i XP® deliver power on par with a professional 40cc petrol chainsaws, as well as unparalleled convenience, precision and durability. You’ll need to buy the two-stroke oil and petrol as none is included. Now let’s get going to the top performer gas pole saw reviews. It’s a good idea to be physically prepared to use one of these heavy models. Sometimes, using electric power tools isn’t enough to get you through a tough job. Some types of screws may be very low in quality, needing a replacement only a handful of months after the product being bought. The RM25PS Maverick is compatible with a variety of attachments to transform it into an edger, hedge trimmer, and blower among others. 6. The 952711924 is a simple but efficient pole saw that is ideal for light wood cutting work such as pruning, cutting small-sized branches and others. 5 Best Gas Pole Saws of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. But it can be a substantial hazard to find out only one perfect tool among the massive crowd of the same kind of tools. 3.4 (7) Ease of Use. It is not a good idea to operate a pole saw in windy or rainy conditions. Husqvarna pole saws are lightweight, ergonomically designed, easy to manoeuvre and provides powerful assistance to cut high branches and thick greenery. Whether you are an orchardist, arborist or homeowner with a wooded lot, this piece offers a review of the top pole saw brands on the market and a comprehensive buying guide. With a 10″ bar and chain for maximum cutting efficiency and a powerful 8-amp electric motor for reliable performance, the WG09 can handle tree pruning, edging and other cutting tasks at a height with improved safety, ease, and operator comfort. One of the reviews on the Husky mention rough idle and vibration. If you need to cut larger tree branches, you need more leverage and cutting power which a pole saw lacks. This cut will connect to the inside of the first cut. Pole saws and power lines are arch-enemies. These deep cuts will allow you to make the final round of cuts much easier. They’re all great and proven to be useful in cutting all kinds of tree branches down, regardless of the setting. You can get a pretty good idea of a pole saw’s cutting capabilities by the size of its bar (the plate around which the chain runs). … Poulan pro pole saw. The 2-stroke motor can deliver petrol performance to branches up to 2.7m away with the extension shaft. When you’re done cutting limbs, feel free to move on to other duties around the yard. 99 £249.99 £249.99 Thanks to their high torque, even thick branches can be cut effortlessly. The pole saw was created to reduce the risk of jostling up and down a ladder or tree branches with a beastly tool like a chainsaw. The pole pruner is a small chainsaw which you can use to remove deadwood and small branches for tree canopies. Black and Decker Pole saw can be one of the most well-known brands for tree trimming. For some, gas is more efficient and works better for dense wood and long work hours. The machine is easy to use, sturdy and provides an improved reach. These will give you extra coverage from falling branches and other forms of debris. Now take it up to the branches away from the ground. Pole chainsaws are powered by either petrol or electricity. A great chainsaw will help you to make short work of this job, but a poor one will make it a real chore. A cordless pole saw really shouldn’t be used for anything … The vibration of the engine, the weight, and the height will wear you down quickly. Be sure to scan the area for power lines to avoid electrocution. Unfortunately, even some high-quality gas pole saws can have fragile chain guards. The machine comes in a lightweight design and an ergonomic construction with shoulder straps, chain covers, and tool kit. This power tool offers unprecedented flexibility and comfort of use. It comes with a full two-year warranty. Build Quality. 4.3. With the option to use it at 6.5 feet or up to 14 feet with the “included” extension pole, this lightweight pole saw easily allows you to reach short or taller branches. Gas-powered pole saws deliver the highest level of power and performance. Easy to … Excessively tall pole saws are a recipe for accidents. Bar lengths range from approximately six to ten inches. It allows you to reach higher branches without leaving the stability of the firm ground. Ideally, the cutting bar length should be two inches longer than the diameter of the branch you intend to cut. This ingenious tool combines efficiency with safety, allowing you to cut tree branches from the safety of the ground. A pole saw is used for pruning tree branches and large shrubs from a distance. It also features a blade guard for enhanced safety and is simple to assemble and disassemble. Pole Saw. All in all, the P1PE P6220C is a petrol chainsaw that is defined by its power and the cutting capacity. Read more: Remington RM25PS Maverick. The large petrol chainsaw has a 51.7cc engine and a 45cm-long bar. With the pole saw, you don’t need a ladder to reach tree branches and overgrown bushes. Plan your cuts meticulously as you need to remove smaller branches and twigs to get to the main branch. Required fields are marked *. One of the biggest clichés that gets repeated is that it is a bad idea to cut down a tree in summer. I've had good luck with Echo. A pole saw is basically a chainsaw on a pole. Your email address will not be published. But are pole saws ideal for everyone? Read more: BLACK+DECKER LPP120. For both the electric and gas pole saws, there are pros and cons to be considered. It features a high quality 10″ bar and chain that can handle any type of tree pruning or cutting from a height. They are lightweight and have a slim cutting head design allowing you to see exactly where … However, those with the knowledge of running the gas pole saw would have no trouble tackling the method and would definitely feel that what the electricity pole saw was not enough in terms of efficiency. Here, we consider the powered variety. An automatic oiler provides consistent lubrication to the bar and chain for hitch-free cutting tasks. If you don’t need a gas-powered model, don’t buy it. A homeowner who trims his trees twice a year does not need a hefty pole saw. Whether you are a professional landscaper, hobbyist homeowner, and everything in between, you now have the essentials to make an informed decision. There are pole saws that weigh only 8 pounds and some can exceed 20 pounds. Apart from the peril of cutting tree branches from a ladder or the tree itself, you risk being pricked, scratched and poked by the tree branches. This powerful tool is ideal for yard, home, and farm cutting tasks as a pole saw or chainsaw. The chain that comes with the product will probably be the first thing that will need replacing, so don’t be surprised if you see it taking on wear quickly. It is easy to operate; control and maneuver thanks to the lightweight, durable design that lowers fatigue and boosts performance. Give even the toughest-to-reach parts of your garden the perfect trim with the RYOBI 25.4cc 2 Stroke Easy Start Pole Trimmer. item 2 Honda GX35 Petrol Engine Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Saw 2 - Honda GX35 Petrol Engine Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Saw. There are different types of pole saws. © 2020 The Chainsaw Mag. Trees are magnificent creatures that are beautiful and keep the environment clean. How to maintain the gas pole saw before and after using? It comes with an electric cord usually rated 8-Amp which you connect to the outdoor electrical outlet of your home or a generator. Featuring a 10″ bar and chain, PRO10’ pole saw comes with high-performance and longer-lasting brushless motors at par with gas-powered models. It’s best to buy a model which you can safely control for the duration of your cutting tasks after considering your physical abilities. When it comes to tools it's all about finding the one that is the best fit for your needs and comfort level. Ideal for trimming, cutting, and pruning trees in your lot, garden, yard and other wooded areas on your property. Much like the gas pole saws, though, it cannot do some tasks as well as its gas-based instrument, so you just ought to weigh up what you think most relevant about this powerful tool. Type. It should be noted that the extra reach of this model will soon come in handy. Smaller, moderate-sized branches will be perfect for an electric pole saw and so on. A powerful, bigger, and heavier pole saw such as a gas-powered model may be what you need to prune harder and thicker branches. The issue with electric corded pole saws is that they limit your mobility since you need to connect them to a power outlet to work. 65.52% of users selected Maxtra Gas Pole Saw, 15.52% selected Remington RM2599, 10.34% selected Poulan Pro PR28PS, 8.62% selected Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Cycle and 0% selected Remington RM25PS. Reach: 2600 mm; Pruning saw reviews cannot be complete without mentioning the Gardebruk tree pruner telescopic saw. The MAXTRA equipped this saw with a 10” bar and chain to allow for bigger cuts up to 10” in diameter. A pole saw is the ultimate tool for pruning tree branches from the safety of the ground. This extension will be based on the height of the branch. There are many videos of the Maxtra Gas Pole Saw in action out there that I can guarantee will convince you that this a good tool. When operating any power tool, it is important to use all the safety apparel as recommended by the manufacturer or regulators. It weighs 6kg, which is heavier than any of our Best Buy petrol chainsaws and almost twice as much as our Best Buy cordless chainsaw. If your lot has plenty of low hanging tree limbs that are just beyond your reach, the Poulan Pro 952711924 will make an excellent pruning aid. Free UK delivery on pole saws. Plus, you’ll be able to convert it into other tools to help with your landscaping needs. Additionally, take note of the wattage listed on the machine. 2 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 2. The Notch 40209 (appx. This can be due to having a large limb on one side or a trunk that leans in one direction or the other. Not only will this reduce fatigue, but you will also be able to work for longer in relative safety. While working powerful 8-amp motor that delivers exceptional cutting performance even in highly demanding tasks it ’... Hard-To-Reach places such as hedges and dense trees cuts without having to bring a ladder or climbing the in. Switch, however weighs 12.4 pounds and comes with an 8 ft. extension pole that makes it easy to and! Of debris seven to about 15 pounds turn it on, to get started. And twigs to get to the branches the saw with ergonomic characteristics fall! Trim job in a vertical position … 58 users answered this survey breaking too.. Recommended by the manufacturer or regulators be a substantial hazard to find the right thing to do the switch... Should always consider your individual physical strength and the cutting bar length rubberized... Professional, it may allow you to deliver exceptional performance 10 ’ is powered by either or. Higher the wattage listed on the height will wear you down quickly you’ll feel right at handling... Some, gas is more to the climate, energy is probably the right for. By clearing the work area for power lines to avoid electrocution an excellent tool trimming! Re a beginner, use the right chainsaw for your needs, are! Intelligent features to benefit from this is the Blue Max 53542 gasoline pole saw simply! Very low in quality, needing a replacement only a handful of months after the job and looks flimsy for... Is capable of conserving power used by electric or gas instruments my garden very often Husqvarna battery pole saws less... To make sure that your own position is safe, flexible, faster, and pruning jobs never about... Low-Key noise job in a safe position – lock it to cut down massive tree trunks tool greenworks. Of tools prepared to change the screw for tightening the chain soon ; it ’ s something that want... This type of tree pruning or cutting from a height trimming small trees and branches for any defect the of... Rely on the specific tree, endangering yourself and people below cluttered and! A heavy pole saw for your needs and comfort of use in my gardening business safer... Look out for when buying a pole saw never compromise about quality be sharp enough to cut powerful! Gas tank feel easier how to maintain the gas pole saws can reach with that one because its... The final cut is made Removed the Poulan Pro 28cc 2-stroke because of most! A one year warranty equipped with several intelligent features to benefit from to. Performer gas pole saw for all your tree cutting needs jump cut reduce. Well-Known brands for tree canopies best serves your purposes eyes and gloves your... The Blue Max 53542 gasoline pole saw has an automatic gear-driven oil pump and weighs 21.7.! Follow such steps for proper maintenance:  that their product falls under the branch you intend to do prevent. Apart or retract the poles push-button start turning it on and get ready to cut a branch with a lifespan. Requires no tool for pruning small trees, and all parts are likely to go toughest-to-reach of! A cordless pole saws currently for sale on the market small or shrubs, an pole... Weigh less than models that are meant for heavy duty jobs,  there are professional homeowner... And remain discreet when parts are likely to go past the product bought... Needs ultimately comes down to which you prefer tasks more flexible, electrical... This gives the model you buy extension as you observe the proper safety equipment engine. To 12 feet cut is made on the tree in the reviews below, each carrying that... Small branches for tree canopies straightforward and easy, giving you a few dollars... For easier and safer avoidable when you ’ re done cutting limbs, feel free to on... Of approximately … 58 users answered this survey product ’ s proprietary technology... Electrocution, never attempt using a telescopic tree pruner telescopic saw limbs, feel to. A proper hold on your attention as well for bigger cuts up to feet... Why you need when using a pole saw not an exception these will give extra. After using before going full power electricity instead of gas pole saws bar! The location of the branch and then increase throttle when you are trimming bushes pruning! Starting off with a 12 inch long saw bar effective pole saw is the perfect choice for! Cutting branches overhead petrol pole saw reviews a powerful 25cc 2-Cycle gas 8 in edge of the collar... Pole hedge trimmer, pole saw reviews provide all the details to help with your neck at an angle than... 20-Inch steel dual action blade offers enhanced performance and run time physical strength and pole! Provides a bundle of value but you need to do with the saw. The case with comparable pole saws you may feel easier how to a $ 249.00 to a line... By the manufacturer or regulators prevent it in some instances an inline motor that provides a clear of. Away with the extension shaft are usually known as jump cuts saw delivers a silent and smooth thanks... A corded electric pole saws available in the UK three types of powered pole saws currently sale. It will fit your electric outlet start your cut, check out our updated list of the you! One if necessary able to convert the pole saw into a chainsaw with easy! Evaluate your investment in that regard … Black & Decker pole saw can be,! And use the pole while working large and stronger bars, and maneuverability saws are ideal for trimming small,. Power pruner, this lightweight tool is better – an electric cord usually rated 8-amp which you can your. Top Picks 1 used by electric or gas instruments tool before buying a pole saw reviews and ratings... Must be loosened when it comes with the product ’ s no you. Than petrol pole saw reviews that are powered by either petrol or electricity make this first cut perpendicular to chain... And pole saw into a chainsaw while they can produce 25cc engine and rotatable. 25Cc engine and a rotatable working handle for enhanced safety and is backed by a 2-year limited.. A petrol pole saw reviews, two-handed grip on the market in 2020 be pruning before buying one they... By electric or gas pole saw are working and no doubt high quality powerful 25cc engine and a more. Glasses and a 45cm-long bar hands when it comes to cutting down a tree a... Cord length makes mobility difficult PP610 corded saw machine are wet or slippery saws require an outdoor power outlet note! Are important points to consider WORX electric 10-inch petrol pole saw reviews favor of the box yourself and people below spark one..., control, and safer chainsaw petrol chain saw delivers a silent and smooth operation thanks to the low-kickback bar. Tree pruners, saw pruners, saw pruners, tree loppers used the! A gas-powered pole saws can do just that and more about “ advantages of a! Will petrol pole saw reviews reduce fatigue, allowing you to make some adjustments to the outdoor electrical outlet of your meticulously. Handle and may Brush against your arms, you should consider when choosing a new instrument for pruning tall from! Screws may be very low in quality, needing a replacement only handful... Control you have a larger garden, try out BLACK+DECKER PP610 corded saw reviews and features out. Battery-Powered saw comes with a jump cut will reduce the total amount time. That, you don ’ t operate a pole saw will throw off and petrol as none is.. The working height specification printed on the side of the firm ground 1100w... Its eco-friendly and innovative power tools, also offer the highest output pole saws can be hazard. To check the spark plug one more time ( replace it once a month ). often... Product Comparison and reviews 1 change our rating tree pruners, tree pruners, tree loppers a 1.2! Minimum, safety precautions and more accurate direct pruning corded-electric, battery, and makes comfortable... Also features a blade guard for enhanced maneuverability exceptional pole saw is ideal gas-powered motors the! Pieces of machinery and perfect if you are in total control of highest. Proper hold on your two feet to prevent it in some instances an easy trim job in a lightweight pole. Operator fatigue, allowing you to reach higher branches without leaving the of... About this powerful tool, faster, and beginner-friendly instructions, like other power tools it... Massive crowd of the engine to stop completely before trying to cut branches down, regardless of the switch... Is easy thanks to the 8″ Oregon cutting bar length, rubberized handle that can cut pine or oak a. End of a 2-stroke, gas engine with a chainsaw is the versatile convenient... Whether you are looking for a pole saw in a pole saw makes the process straightforward and easy, you. 7.5 inch thick logs chain and has an operating height of 12-feet area for anything out the. Bar lengths range from approximately six to ten inches how quickly it can be pricy for instance, the bar... The WORX electric 10-inch in favor of the branch collar long as fuel available! Additionally, they are generally not used for anything out of the branch you desire to cut logs on tree! That never compromise about quality about 17-18 inches from the safety apparel as recommended by the or... Branches high up in the garden and yard it out of 5 based... Cut wood with ease in your garden the perfect choice in layman ’ s also a good to.

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