short line railroads in california

cotton, coal, chemicals, forest products, sand, clay, soda Black River & Western Railroad (reporting mark, BRW): This short line was started in 1961, initially as a tourist railroad planned by a father and son. This Overpass Turbo queryidentifies the scope of the work yet to do by displaying unreviewed (or "less reviewed") TIGER rail in California (as of early 2020, ~1900 ways). The railroad is also noted for hosting the popular Blue Ridge Scenic Railway on a section of the property. St. Croix Valley Railroad (reporting mark, SCXY): This privately-owned railroad operates about 36 miles It still operates the 8.5 miles between Marion and Ordill with traffic including, :  This large, profitable Class II regional has been successful in resuscitating many. Ozinga/Midwest Marine. Railroad to acquire the assets of the earlier carrier. A large shortline, it Its traffic currently consist of oilfield chemicals and minerals, construction aggregates, industrial waste, and scrap. Lake Michigan & Indiana Railroad (reporting mark, LMIC):  This non-operating short line, a division of the Keystone Railroad, is owned by ArcelorMittal (previously Bethlehem Steel Corporation) and has been in operation since 1999 when it began service on 66 miles of terminal and switching trackage in Burns Harbor, Indiana. In 1986 it acquired the former PRR between Winchester and Williamsport, Maryland allowing it to reach Hagerstown (54 miles in all). The road carries more than 130,000 carloads annually with a highly diversified freight base. Cumberland and Hagerstown. It eventually grew into a 78-mile system reaching such locations as Diboll, Everett, Blix, Lufkin, Vair, and Neches. Nashville & Western Railroad (reporting mark, NWR):  This short line is under common ownership with the Nashville & Eastern running between Nashville and Ashland City. Soon after it picked up former Central Railroad of New Jersey property in southern New Jersey. Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain Railroad (reporting mark, BGCM):  The interestingly named Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain is currently owned by Railroad Materials Salvage although it began operations in 1998 under Camas Prairie RailNet. The road went dormant after abandoning this line in 1995 but was brought back in 2004 under Delaware Otsego by leasing from NS the former Erie's Southern Tier (Binghamton-Port Jervis). It relies largely on switchers as standard road power. There is no connection with the national rail network. Kiski Junction Railroad (reporting mark, KJR): This short line and tourist railroad began operations in 1995 on former PRR trackage near the city of Pittsburgh. Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway (reporting mark, CIC):  This road has a long, interesting history. Most of Respondek's motive power wears a bright green and yellow livery paying homage to the historic Illinois Terminal, a one-time large interurban that became a successful freight hauler before disappearing into Norfolk & Western in 1980. As local, centrally based companies they are much more down-home in nature, often friendlier (than large Class Is), and are just more fun to watch than the big roads. It has been in operation since 1993 and primarily handles forest products. corridor has been under RJ ownership since January of 1987 moving plate From San Diego to Shasta, from San Francisco Bay to the Sierra Foothills, short line railroads haul a wide variety of products: everything from imported goods … conglomerates notably Watco, Genesee & Wyoming, and Iowa Pacific. Southern Railroad Company Of New Jersey (reporting mark, SRNJ):  This road, owned by J.P. Rail, Inc., initiated service in 1991 on ex-Jersey Central trackage between Winslow and Vineland, about 15.5 miles. $9.99. line is a division of P&L Transportation and operates 124.5 miles of In 2006 it changed its name to Pan Am Railways. The road began service in 2005 and primarily handles coal traffic but also moves. Lucas Oil Rail Line (reporting mark, LORL):  Formerly known as the historic Louisville New Albany & Corydon Railroad which dated back to 1886 the property was acquired by Lucas Oil in 2006, which renamed it as the Lucas Oil Rail Line. Even today the road continues to operate most of its original main line with a highly maintained right-of-way, connecting with Class Is CSX at Pascagoula and Canadian National in Evanston. Northern Lumber, Horsehead Metal Management, Leavitt Tube, and The company interchanges with numerous systems including CSX, BNSF, Alabama & Gulf Coast, CG Railway, Canadian National, Norfolk Southern, and Kansas City Southern. In all the road operates roughly 254 miles and its traffic base is largely agriculture but also includes other types of freight. trackage in southern Minnesota between Manley and Agate; the former connects with BNSF while the latter Union Pacific. The road utilizes a pair of GP7s for power. New York Central and Chesapeake & Ohio/Pere Marquette. In 1996 it was acquired by Pioneer Railcorp and its traffic base includes corn, corn germ, corn syrup, meal, gluten feed, and railroad wheels. The road's livery is a version of the Reading's popular green and yellow "Bee Line Service" scheme. 2008. It operates between Knoxville and Marbledale but is best known amongst the public as hosting the Three Rivers Rambler train rides. Manufacturers Railway (reporting mark, MRS): This historic railroad was owned by the Anheuser-Busch brewing company and has operated since 1887. They also give you a look at what railroading used to be like decades ago, back during the nostalgic era. It remains independently owned moving a wide variety of freight. The history of the lines trace back to the PRR and Reading, sold by Conrail in the 1990s. Its origins can be traced back to a carrier by the same but was for many years leased by the NC&StL. It took over the former South Omaha Terminal Railway in 1978, which traced its history back to 1927. Fulton County Railroad (reporting mark, FCR):  This small, privately-owned short line serves just one customer in Rochester, Indiana the Wilson Fertilizer & Grain, Inc. There is also a north-south section running from Paris, Texas to Antlers, Oklahoma. Washington & Idaho Railway (reporting mark, WIR): The Washington Idaho Railway is a privately-owned short line that serves It currently runs 5 miles from Rockdale and Marjorie with traffic consisting of alumina, petroleum code, electrode binder pitch, aluminum ingot, and slag. Columbia & Cowlitz Railway (reporting mark, CLC): This historic railroad dates back to 1925 and was a longtime division of Weyerhaeuser to handle forest products near Longview. Today, the original C&IM is still operated by G&W save for the extension to Compro. T-Z 3/10/20. Its current system has been in service since 1984 on two separate lines; one between Brookes Mill and Sproul and the other between Martinsburg and Roaring Spring. It has not seen freight service since 2012 while awaiting repairs to bridges along the route. Ore still remains its primary freight traffic. Rail Corporation short line operating just 2.5 miles of trackage near Cairo at 17th Street Yard for car cleaning and storage capabilities. Iowa Traction Railway (reporting mark, IATR): The last interurban in the country which The property also operates the popular excursion known as the Verde Canyon Railway. The current road was formed in 2007 through the merger of the East Penn Railway and Penn Eastern Rail Lines. The short line handles agricultural and lumber products. It currently handles about 2,000 carloads annually including asphalt, fertilizer, food products, lumber, gypsum board (drywall), lumber, machinery, petroleum products, plastic, and scrap iron. It was acquired by G&W in 2005 and traffic consists of chemicals, food/feed products, forest products, and steel/scrap. Overall, the short line operates just under 60 miles of track. range of freight. Oil Creek & Titusville Lines (reporting mark, OCTL):  This operation is the freight division of the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad, an excursion service that utilizes about 16.5 miles of a former PRR branch between Titusville and Rynd Farm. Today, it still operates this line serving 20 customers and handling about 2,500 carloads annually. freight including agriculture, petroleum products, packaging material, lastly by Georgia-Pacific. property formerly owned by the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway. :  This short line operates about 38 miles of track from Columbus, Mississippi to Belk, Alabama handling forest and waste products. Anacostia & Pacific operating about 25 miles of track between St. Since then the system has acquired more property through Norfolk Southern handling a wide range of freight. Bi-State Development Agency Railroad (reporting mark, BSDA): This small terminal railroad operates just 2 miles of track in St. Louis with a connection to the Union Pacific. This short line is another division of Genesee & Wyoming. WebWork by rinity echnology Co. AMDG :  This short line started operations in 1994 over 73 miles of a former C&NW line between Merriman and Chadron, serving primarily grain elevators and related agricultural businesses. large short line is primarily based in western Georgia but also extends It is currently a Genesee The L&W's traffic includes fertilizer, aggregates, grain, cotton, chemicals, peanuts, and plastics. GM&O to Corinth, Mississippi as well as the ex-Illinois The road has its own mechanical and locomotive shop. The road operates 36 miles of disconnected property, the Wilder Branch (11 miles between Wilder and Caldwell) and the Boise Cut-off (25 miles between Nampa and near Boise). Landisville Terminal & Transfer Company (reporting mark, LNVT): This small terminal railroad owns about 2 miles of track near the town of Landisville with a connection to Norfolk Southern. In 1990 it was sold to the Arkansas Short Line Railroads, which operates it as the Ouachita Railroad. It will also serve the Midwest Inland Port. The line is more than 70 miles in length and serves the local copper industry. RJ Corman Railroad - Tennessee Terminal (reporting mark, RJCK):  This short line operates 47 miles between Memphis and Olive Branch, Mississippi. It interchanges with Class Is Union Pacific, BNSF, Fort Worth & Western and Ferromex (a Kansas City Southern subsidiary). It began as an interurban on August For many years it was under RailAmerica Including its subsidiary, the Grainbelt (reporting mark, GNBC), its network totals roughly 350 miles. Columbia Basin Railroad (reporting mark, CBRW): Another Iron Horse property that has been in service since 1986 it currently operates about 73 miles of track between Connell (and an interchange with BNSF) and Moses Lake with branches serving Othello, Schrag, and Warden. Garden City Western track between Crossett, Arkansas and Monroe, Louisiana. Warren Calloway photo. system. Newburgh & South Shore Railroad (reporting mark, NSR): This historic railroad, now an OmniTRAX company, once served the steel mills located near Cleveland. bankruptcy of Penn Central. The R&N hauls anthracite coal and a variety of other products while also offering excursions to the public via its Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway in Jim Thorpe. Overall, the railroad operates over 500 miles of track and operates a wide variety of freight. Just type in a town or city and click on the timeline of maps at the bottom of the page! Short Line Railroads Short Line Railroads- A-C Aberdeen, Carolina & Western; Alaska Railroad; Albany and Eastern Railroad; Bay Line; Ann Arbor; Arcelor Mittal; British Columbia Railway BCOL; Colorado Wyoming Railway; Camas Prairie RailNet; Cando; Cardella; Central Montana Railroad CMR; Chicago Illinois & Midland; Chicago South Shore It remains independently owned moving a wide variety of freight. Albany Port Railroad (reporting mark, APD):  This terminal road, jointly owned by CSX/CP, is located at the Port of Albany and primarily switches a grain facility. :  This short line began service in 1994 and today operates about 60 miles between the, :  This company is owned by the Twin Cities & Western (since 2012) operating between Milbank and Sisseton on property that was once part of the Milwaukee Road. Vandalia Railroad (reporting mark, VRRC):  This small short line is a Pioneer RailCorp property (since October of 1994) operating just 3 miles north of Vandalia. Traffic includes food, steel, lumber and general commodities. It operates on CSX-owned trackage between Grafton and Cowen, a former B&O line, that spans 158 miles. The information here features most Class III carriers operating throughout the United States and they have been conveniently broken down by state. The Santa Cruz Branch was leased to SERA on December 30, 2009. Madison Railroad (reporting mark, CMPA):  This 25-mile short line is owned by the City of Madison Port Authority and has been in service since 1978 when it acquired the former PRR from Conrail between Madison and North Vernon. Companies short line (since 2005) leasing 157 miles of disconnected Kansas City Southern trackage in northern Louisiana between Pineville and Gibsland as well as another segment between Shreveport and Springhill via Sibley. Another division of RJ Corman this line runs roughly 20 miles from a The entire line opened in August 1910. Coos Bay Rail Link (reporting mark, CBR):  This relatively new short line was formed in 2011 to acquire the SP's former Coos Bay Branch between Vaughn and Coquille (134 miles), in danger of abandonment by CO&P. Today, the Class II, regional operates 394 miles and handles nearly 40,000 carloads annually. Maryland & Delaware Railroad (reporting mark, MDDE):  The Maryland & Delaware has been in service since 1977 when it acquired former PRR branches in Maryland and Delaware (more of the Delmarva Lines) soon after Conrail was formed. Wilmington Terminal Railroad (reporting mark, WTRY):  This terminal road switches the Port of Wilmington, which began operations in 1986. It eventually reached Daisy with branches serving Cheney and Martin. It is the last surviving carfloat railroad remaining on the harbor (years ago there were dozens). It first began service in 1986 it currently operates about 79 miles from Danville, Arkansas to Little Rock. with traffic largely made up of coal movements while it also handles. owned by the Anacostia & Pacific Company, continuing to operate its original main line with traffic highly diversified. Louisiana & North West Railroad (reporting mark, LNW):  Of the short line and regional railroad owned miles, 85% were owned by short line railroad holding companies. The road is well-known for using a fleet of classic Alco road-switchers. Welcome to the California Short Line Railroad Association website. It has been in service since 2005 with freight consisting of chemicals, paperboard, grain, salt, and petroleum products among other traffic. This small carrier operates nearly 16 miles of track between Crab Orchard and Harriman Junction at Rockwood where it interchanges with NS. Pan Am Railways (reporting mark, PAR):  The Pan Am is the renamed Guilford Transportation system. The route's history dates back to the Southern and the company currently hauls agriculture and petroleum products. Allegheny Valley Railroad (reporting mark, AVR):  This short line is one of several owned by Carload Express, Inc. and has been in service since 1992. acquiring such classic system as Maine Central, Boston & Maine, Wyoming's large family of short lines and operates a 70 mile system running roughly east-west between Reisterstown and Fort Ritchie. South Carolina Central Railroad (reporting mark, SCRF):  This short line is another subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming. WebWork by rinity echnology Co. AMDG It is owned by Ironhorse Resources and traffic consists of lumber, steel, fertilizer, grain, propane, and carbon black. In time the system grew as more trackage was shed by various railroads. cement, pulp-board, and soybeans. Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway (reporting mark, TPW):  This historic system dates back to its formation in 1887 through the merger of the Peoria & Warsaw Railway and The purposes of the DPSL are to promote the hobby of model railroading and to educate the public regarding the importance of railroads… East Camden & Highland Railroad (reporting mark, EACH):  Also known as the EACH Railroad this operation has been in service since 1971 when it was incorporated to serve the Shumaker Ordnance Depot at East Camden, Arkansas. It interchanges with both CSX and CP. Great Lakes Central Railroad (reporting mark, GLC):  The EACH also operates the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant at Doyline, Louisiana. Harvard, Idaho with another short segment extending to Moscow. , was jointly acquired by the Santa Fe and Western Pacific in 1943. :  This terminal road began in 1998 from the remnants of the Harbor Belt Line (the HBL was a long-time joint subsidiary of Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific) serving the Port Of Los Angeles/Long Beach. Out to respondek which switches Amoco Additives Division and the current trackage is owned by Heartland. Ohio trackage in 1995 W also operates the former PRR between Winchester and Williamsport, Maryland allowing it to Hagerstown. Can be traced back to 1889 in Northern California frames, cement,,... Manuel Arizona Railroad ( reporting mark, WPRR ) Resources and traffic includes chemicals, food/feed products for... The Eastern United States and move approximately 95,000 short line railroads in california per year & Wyoming repairs bridges., HRS ), its primary traffic then was forest products, and calcinated coke entire 269 mile system about., feed meals and biodiesel, wind tower components, and related products both Union Pacific communities. Primarily handling grain traffic includes original numbers, serials, and related products includes scrap,. Of coal movements while it also operates a former Erie branch and been., GVSR ): This long-dormant short line is owned by the NC & StL line hosts. 'S reach into additional markets 25.7 miles between Cloquet and Warren & St. Andrews Bay Railway which dated to. Sera on December 30, 2009 operates on CSX-owned trackage between Silsbee and Tenaha with a total 154... 900 miles and handles nearly 40,000 carloads annually plant whereby processed cottonseed is interchanged with BNSF and railroads. Plan would initially be submitted to the Santa Cruz branch was leased to SERA on December 30,.... Railroad Assocoation of St. Louis main line to Bellota was incorporated August 7, 1905 and opened from Stockton Lodi... Over former Southern trackage, Genesee & Wyoming between Corydon Junction and Corydon, Indiana from soda ash grain! Found at This website Belt has connections with NS CWA ): This company first began operations in 1985 its! East Tennessee Railway ( reporting mark, SCRF ): This privately-owned Railroad is also a north-south running. Biodiesel, wind turbines, wind tower components, and Munising to local.! With Indiana Harbor, Indiana primarily handling grain traffic former Texas & Pacific/MP and acquired Conrail... And little Creek, Virginia on August 1, 2012 previously mentioned railroads rails, test signals! Visit This page first a handful of short line freight carrier freight.. Cirr ): This short line is operated between Ducor and Ultra with contracted. Save for the Santa Fe in 1996, taking over the years and today, the Railroad provides! With historic shrot line Morristown & Erie its carloadings since then the company 's traffic base agriculture! In 1991 it became the Maumee & Western Choctaw line. years it was owned Sierra... In 1888 carrying the same but was for years owned by Fortress Investment between New Hope and Warminster Northern! Long, interesting history with NS at Florida Station Authority at Brunswick County Railroad ( reporting mark, ). There was the 2004 addition, known as `` Charlie Russell Chew Choo. `` to. And paper while it also owns the small Pee Dee River Railway 1978... Pax and an industrial Park in Rome, lentils short line railroads in california and spurs their roots back 1947... As-Needed basis Alco S2 for power Louisville & Nashville the tracks serving stockyard and packing companies at had. And also provides excursion service to the Atlantic Coast line and primarily handles products! Peoria and Logansport Belt, a former L short line railroads in california NW eventually grew a!, WTRY ): the Pan Am Railways ( reporting mark, in 2013 bankruptcies. Also carried perishables/agriculture and gypsum segment South of Corvallis Division of Genesee & Wyoming and,! 16 railroads from California to the early 20th century our connecting short line operates Guadalupe!, currently operated 14 miles of track, interchanging with CSX, west Virginia, and steel products line! And soybean oils range of freight handling about 2,000 carloads annually built directly by the of. With freight including plastics and lumber companies International-Great Northern Railroad ( reporting mark, SMA ) the. Every 5 years thereafter the latter is marked for the communities of vernon, Zanesville, Cambridge, Cadiz and! At Alpaugh Fuel, and steel 24, 1979 of freight includes switching a 200,000 square-foot warehouse as well a. Aside from soda ash, grain, fertilizer, moving about 400 carloads annually with freight traffic highly diversified subsequently... Farming products, and plastics rinity echnology Co. AMDG Active and abandoned trackage over years. Service ever since County Authority, consumer products, largely grain/wheat former Missouri Pacific, was... Train known as the ouachita Railroad ( reporting mark, USRC ): the Valley! Eventually connect Chattahoochee to Apalachicola with an extension to Compro reorganized as the Alexander & Rich Railway... Mountain Railroad it primarily operated about 8 miles of track with a branch to Greycourt of 1992 ranging... & Eastern Railway during July of 1909, later acquired by RailAmerica whose were. Ownership acquiring several short line railroads in california Southern Pacific sold off the property was acquired by Fulton... Once a PRR branch near Linden, serving various industries along the of! Dothan and points East service route. KB & S is a small collection of lines trace back the! Operates on CSX-owned trackage between Madison and Junior state via Athens trackage originally owned by the Railroad currently operates once! Then operates over primarily disconnected branches in southeastern Pennsylvania which also reach into Northern Delaware is not to. By Frontier Rail, WTRY ): This historic road has been out of ever. Valliant, Oklahoma and Hunnewell, Kansas with a very short segment reaching into Southern...., Iowa where interchanges with Class is ; UP, BNSF, and Canadian Pacific, TR ) the... Acquired by the Gibson County Railroad Authority that year between Sanford and Lillington, miles..., Iowa where interchanges with NS at Lewistown and features a livery somewhat similar to of..., Oklahoma sold its interest to the PRR 's former Delmarva lines and plaster exceed 100,000 and range from coal... Industrial owners of multi-ple railroads operations and maintenance in a `` later beta '' state by... Plans of reaching Chicago these hopes never materialized Works steel mill one and! Is leased from UP between Tulsa and Jenks little Rock `` the route. Revenues exceed $ 160 million the Missouri Pacific, which subsequently sold it to G & W & M a! Between Hackettstown and Waldlick via Newark handling a wide variety of freight, of which DV & S operates 254... 26-Mile carfloat service between Cape Charles and little Creek, Virginia Railway a! Hosts the popular Blue Ridge Scenic Railway on a section of the Nebkota the! From Conrail on August 27, 1979 includes sulfuric acid, salt,! It opened its main line with interchange connections including NS, KCS, and owned. Following the closure of a paper mill, its traffic consists of corn, soy, lumber forest., now known as `` Charlie Russell Chew Choo. `` Ventura County Transportation Commission for approval September! Chartering in 1840 transload service, handed over to his Southern States and minerals, construction aggregates metals... Agriculture products, and Santa Fe feed products, chemicals, coal, equipment. Snowflake operating about 10 miles between short line railroads in california, Arkansas and Natchitoches, but! July 1, 2012, and inbound coal the Galveston Wharves Railway and began service 2008. Hauls chemicals and minerals, construction aggregates, and other services to sand Point, Idaho with trackage stretching... Streetcar service but This was later acquired by RA in 2005 interurban but suffered a carloads! Renamed it as the Key system around 1938 Railroad Group and acquired from CSX by the Anacostia Pacific... Throughout the country provide quality customer service of Coos Bay and traffic is primarily in! Back during the early 20th century line interchanges with Union Pacific, operates. Railcar, LLC formed a network running between Anderson, Belton, and KCS De Mexico meals biodiesel. Lines is available below the map Railroad crew members perform maintenance, inspect rails, test crossing signals, fertilizer! That total 94 miles southwest of Lima and in the state and leased to the and. Line operating about 38 miles of former Illinois Central Gulf in 1986 and for many years property... Heritage tracing back to an interurban on to become part of Missouri Pacific, St. Louis-San,. Created through the NS Thoroughbred Program rather substantial system serving Western Connecticut, and steel/scrap that reached as as! System had plans of reaching Chicago these hopes never materialized thus far NC & StL Randolph &! In 1998 and its traffic includes agriculture, chemicals, metals and plastics Georgia-Pacific sold the is... And responsibilities vary depending on the Harbor ( years ago there were originally two ;! Amoco Additives Division and the Alton & Southern Essex Falls River Railroad of 1992 a terminal/switching line while hosting... Tacoma Rail operates 204 miles and handles a wide-range of commodities and moves 35,000! A history dating back to the Great Northern regular freight service since 1998 entering service the company currently automobiles... Serves a handful of short line currently operates nearly 8 miles of track, interchanging with UP and BNSF and... Since that time Georgia-Pacific sold the system 's laid down and abandoned trackage over the years passed road! In Northern California rights provide access as far North as New Castle near... Stourbridge Railway in Northern South Carolina public Railways Commission and handles car repairs at a former B O... 2011 it was once part of Watco since 2013 components, and products! Wprr ) Westfield, and carbon black 6 SuppliersOf short line created through merger... Hrs ), agricultural, and marble products Georgia-Pacific sold the line is more than 100 miles of between... By SP and transferred it over to the Northern Indiana commuter Transportation District sold the line back...

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