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This … It’s also home to numerous world-class surf breaks alongside Bolinas including Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and the infamous Mavericks. The 10:30 a.m. attack at Haystack Rock was the first time in recorded history that a Great White had seriously assaulted a human off the coast of Oregon. On Oct. 10, 2016, Oregon … While they often get a bad rep (thanks, Jaws), most of Oregon's sharks are pretty harmless. Photos courtesy Randy Weldon Shark encounters are rare on the Oregon Coast, but they do happen. The last serious injury occurred in October 2016. April 22, 1998, was a perfect day for John Forse of Lincoln City to try out his new surfboard. 38 per cent of shark attacks in the US have happened here. Story by CHERYL D. WANNER. Randy Weldon with his shark bitten surfboard, 1983. Joseph Tanner was surfing near Indian Beach Trail at Ecola State Park when he was bitten on the upper and lower thigh by a white shark. Surfing in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia isn’t necessarily a new pursuit, but there is no denying that the sport has grown significantly, especially in the metropolitan centers of the PNW. There is no record of a fatal shark attack at an Oregon beach. While in the water, you'll be treated to views of Haystack Rock, home to thousands of sea birds. The water is between 40 and 50 degrees. Documented shark attacks in Oregon. Oregon Surf Hazards: ... Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the great white sharks and floating telephone pole-sized logs. The 15-foot shark bit Doudt nearly in half, then ripped at him as his surfing buddies looked on in horror. It’s not surprising that sharks … Astoria, OR -- On August 18, 2009, at approximately 5:45 PM, Scott Norby was kite-surfing near the boat wreck 'Iredale' in Fort Stevens State Park, Astoria, Oregon. Always your best bet. Oregon has its fair share of sharks. John Forse surfing the Nelscott Reef. Shark interactions in Oregon are quite rare. The Global Shark Attack File database lists 28 Oregon attacks, with one fatal, since 1974. Rip tides are especially unpredictable here. Best Surf Seasons in Oregon: 1) Fall. That’s 11 per cent of attacks worldwide. Earning its name from the 1922 discovery of a cannon from the wreckage of the USS Shark, Cannon Beach is one of the most well known beaches on the Oregon coast. Close to both Portland and Salem, this is an extremely popular summer destination. When you grow up in Portland, the idea of surfing on the Oregon Coast is laughable. The waters off the Oregon Coast are home to at least 17 species of sharks. Photo courtesy Nate Lawrence. An Oregon surfer was seriously injured by a shark attack Monday.

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